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  1. Veracity

    New Content 2022 Standard

    I think I’ve done this. Not only does it track what you’ve pulled today and not even try to pull those objects again, it actually hides them in the Storage section of the Item Manager so you don’t even think about pulling them. Also, the radio button defaults to “exactly one” rather than...
  2. Veracity

    Musings about tests

    Considering that is under src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia, surely belongs under test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia?
  3. Veracity

    Feature Enhance "trace" debugging

    This may be an obscure feature, but KoLmafia can make a TRACE file which logs timestamped request/response transactions and ASH script execution. Here's an example: debug trace on Opens TRACE_20220124.txt in the same directory where DEBUG files go. closet put * seal tooth 1643052301102...
  4. Veracity

    New Content 2022 Standard

    In Ronin, you can only pull one of any item per day. We COULD track that and grey out those items in the Storage portion of the Item Manager. At the least, we could change the default radio button on that panel from "multiple" to "exactly one" when you are in Ronin.
  5. Veracity

    Bug Graphical CLI posting Multiple Matches message

    OK, try this. When you are looking at the Login frame: - open the gCLI - type "debug trace on" (no quotation marks) - login - open the gCLI - type "debug trace off" (no quotation marks) There will be a file named something like TRACE_20220124.txt in your KoLmafia directory - the same place...
  6. Veracity

    Bug Graphical CLI posting Multiple Matches message

    You see, all those messages come from parsing scripts: Do you have "open relay browser on startup"? I.e., when you log in, does it immediately open the relay browser for you? It sounds like it; you talk about "clicking on the Main Map or Buttons" (buttons where?) Changing "Ed" to "Ed the...
  7. Veracity

    Prefref Plus -- ZLib script settings AND KoLmafia properties manager

    dependencies.txt lists drag-n-drop-inventories.
  8. Veracity

    Psychose-a-Matic -- one-stop NPC psychiatric management

    dependencies.txt lists drag-n-drop-inventories.
  9. Veracity

    Bug Graphical CLI posting Multiple Matches message

    What is the script you are running? All those "friendly messages" come when we are parsing it.
  10. Veracity

    CLI Links -- easily add CLI power to your relay script

    Here's what happens when I click on "Update this script" in the Script Manager for CLI Links: Validating repo... Repo validated. Updating clilinks... /Users/brianna/Library/Application Support/KoLmafia/svn/clilinks At revision 7 Done. bogus dependency...
  11. Veracity

    Drag-n-Drop Inventories -- add an intuitive visual drag-n-drop interface for any item

    svn update is now saying this: drag-n-drop-inventories not checked - exception: org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNException: svn: E160013: '/p/drag-n-drop-inventories/code' path not found: 404 Not Found ( Browsing the code for clilinks, I notice the following commit comment...
  12. Veracity

    Feature int retrieve_cost(item) function to get the meat required to acquire the supplied item

    mall_price() gives you the cost to acquire the fifth cheapest item. In order to make mallbots less effective (without customizing KoLmafia code for yourself), we intentionally do not allow access to the cheapest price of an item in the mall. Your proposal provides exactly that functionality, if...
  13. Veracity

    Script Collisions

    Me too. I accepted the prompt and it loaded clilinks.{ash, css, js} into relay.
  14. Veracity

    BeachComber - fast and efficient beach combing

    By the way - combo is a very nice script. I tried looking at it and found the JavaScript incomprehensible, and then I realized the actual source is in typescript, which is compiled into JavaScript. The typescript source is well written, well commented, and easy to understand. I see that it...
  15. Veracity

    r26141 - Add combo to script repository file by @Veracity0 in

    Well, darn it. A typo. Fixed in next commit.
  16. Veracity

    BeachComber - fast and efficient beach combing

    I'm planning on it. I have contributed my "rare square" data to that effort. And I have added the option to VMF to use the other script OR this script. But there is no reason at all I couldn't let you install both scripts and have this one optionally use the data file from the other one. I...
  17. Veracity

    My personal Meat farming script

    Reviision 304 does this: VMF requires a KoLmafia version that tracks the cosmic bowling ball. vcon provides a new setting: VCON.AvoidMalignantEffects Defaults to true. Set it to false if you have a mood which will do it and you don't mind considering consumables that give you bad effects.
  18. Veracity

    User-submitted PRs

    Ah ha. I cloned it. I'm new at github.
  19. Veracity

    User-submitted PRs

    Apparently, we allow all and sundry to submit a PR. I have no problem with that; we don't like their code? We don't have to merge it. But I was surprised when I tried to submit a PR to a new project today and was rejected. I didn't even realize that was was an option. Permission to...