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    Feature - Rejected Exclude cargo buffs from maximizer

    Can we have an option to exclude Cargo Cultist Shorts buffs from Maximizer? Or a warning? I inadvertently used one of these, which prevented me from taking the daily pick I wanted. This would be helpful, because they're once-per-day and once-per-ascension.
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    New Content 2019 IotY: Elf Operative

    Familiar #271, Elf Operative, is a volleyfairy. -------------------- 10146 elf sleeper agent 896004413 elfoplarva.gif grow t 0 Item elf sleeper agent Free Pull -------------------- Familiar equipment: -------------------- 10147 red-and-green microcamera 537719204 elfopcamera.gif familiar t,d...
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    New Content - Implemented Mu increases elemental resistances

    Mu gives passive elemental resistance in the same way as the Exotic Parrot (the same resistances at the same weight).
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    Bug - Fixed Synthesising non-Standard candies

    Candies that are out of Standard are still able to be used with Sweet Synthesis, but they don't show up in Mafia's GUI under Standard restrictions. (In this case, it was a candy stake, obtained from the KoLcon snowglobe.)
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    New Content - Implemented New Halloween candy

    New treat for the meteor outfit. It's a simple candy for the purposes of Sweet Synthesis. -------------------- 9565 cocoa chondrule 829908915 chocolump.gif usable t,d 50 Item cocoa chondrule Effect: "Chondruling", Effect Duration: 10 -------------------- -------------------- 2329 Chondruling...
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    New Content - Implemented Eternal Flame

    This skill hasn't had its effect added to Mafia yet: +1 Damage to Hot Spells Slight Hot Resistance (+1) Makes you Politically Active
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    Bug - Fixed li'l ghost costume

    The typo on this was fixed in items.txt, but not modifiers.txt.
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    Feature - Implemented Psychokinetic energy blobs and MP restorers list

    Can we have psychokinetic energy blobs added to the list of MP restorers in HP/MP Usage?
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    New Content - Implemented Bounty Hunter Hunter update

    Today we have: 10 sugar buttons from gingerbread murderers in Madness Bakery 13 rubber ribs from model skeletons in the Haunted Laboratory of Spookyraven Manor 10 hardened lava globs from lava golems in the LavaCo™ Lamp Factory
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    Feature Daily Deed for ice sculpture

    Could we have a daily deed for the ice sculpture, same as we do for the 4-D camera and all the other copiers?
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    New Content - Implemented Fire Sewage Pistol

    The sewage-clogged pistol gives a once-per-combat skill: <option value="7251" picurl="sewagepistol">Fire Sewage Pistol (0 Mana Points)</option>
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    New Content - Implemented Xiblaxian Residence-Cube not recognized

    Mafia doesn't recognize the Residence-Cube in the campground. The image is reste.gif or one of the variations.
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    Bug - Fixed Incorrect phylum data

    Some monsters slipped through the cracks when the humanoids were moved to dudes. These should all be dudes: Big Wheelin' Twins grizzled survivor high priest of Ki'rhuss overarmed survivor primitive survivor unhinged survivor unlikely survivor uppercase Q whiny survivor The Naughty Sorceress'...
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    New Content - Implemented New Halloween treats

    A couple of new Halloween candies: -------------------- 7499 Hot 'n' Scarys 112858401 box2.gif usable t,d 5 Hot 'n' Scarys Effect: "Sugar Rush", Effect Duration: 3 -------------------- -------------------- 7710 candy UFOs 859892912 ufo.gif usable t 0 candy UFOs Effect: "Fizzier Than Light"...
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    New Content - Implemented Bento boxes and sushi doilies

    The bento box option for sushi is 5 Fullness and consumes: white rice, seaweed, one of each fish meat, and a Mer-kin lunchbox, and one of: tempura cucumber, carrot, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, or radish, and one of: anemone sauce, inky squid sauce, Mer-kin weaksauce, eel sauce, or peanut...
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    Bug - Fixed Epic hats hatrack caps inaccurate

    The caps for five of the epic hats (Colander of Em-er'il, Disco 'Fro Pick, El Sombrero De Lopez, Elder Turtle Shell, Scalp of Gorgolok) are listed as 12 lbs; these should all be 25 lbs.
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    New Content - Implemented Fight another link for tavern faucet

    April 30, 2012 - Fighting a rat out of the faucet now gives you a one-click link to fight another one. The link is: cellar.php?action=autofaucet
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    Bug - Fixed Pulverize exceptions

    Skate Park equipment (brass dorsal fin, brand new key, collapsible baton, skate blade, skate board) smash into sea salt crystals. Uncle Hobo's Hobopolis drops smash into epic wads. Crown of Thrones and the stinky cheese gear, being Mr. Store items, are not smashable. Hobo code binder is also...
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    Bug - Fixed Transporter transponders are multi-usable

    Transporter transponders are multi-usable, so Mafia doesn't need to use them one at a time.
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    Bug - Fixed Looking in crystal orb switches guardians

    Looking into a crystal orb of spirit wrangling makes Mafia think the pasta guardians have been switched, when they have not.