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  1. Boesbert

    Vhaeraun's Glorious PVP Bookkeeper

    If anyone had the same problem as I had with either PW's or Veracity's fix: It seems like it was just a caching error. Delete or remove the old playername_pvp_season_n_.dat from your data folder, run the script again and it should be fine.
  2. Boesbert

    r25720: You can no longer set a preferred browser for your relay browser - this is intentional

    Ever since this version (also newer versions) I cannot launch relay browser anymore... edited to say this is on KDE with Java 11.0.11, and for all intents and purposes, fiddling with the system settings regarding default browsers did nothing. Should I file a bug report?
  3. Boesbert

    Cargo Shorts GUI

    This is a really welcome addition. I suggest adding the monsters to fight, though (not sure if these show up in-run; I am in aftercore but as these are all free fights, they are valuable in either case).
  4. Boesbert

    Guide Issue

    Apparently, Ezandora just updated all (?) of her scripts and it works fine now.
  5. Boesbert

    Feature - Implemented Make Maximizer Filters checkboxes instead of radio buttons

    I am usually just checking equip and cast because those use no resources (equipment) or a neglible one (MP). So the change made it necessary for me to click twice for switching from one to the other (uncheck equip, check cast, and vice versa) instead of just one click with the radio button...
  6. Boesbert

    Character Info Toolbox

    /hardcore is telling me that this is due to the most recent ASH cleanups in mafia, but ever since 19889/19890, the HP and MP bars in the charpane are blue/blue/blue instead of their usual green/orange/red.
  7. Boesbert

    New Content - Implemented Quest tracking for Primordial

    Actually, several people still do it. It's good for PvP. :D
  8. Boesbert

    Character Info Toolbox

    I believe the latest fix to deal with the birdwatching iotm broke older skills that have an apostrophe in their name. Trying to cast additional turns of a skill's effect with the arrows next to it results in > cast 1 Fat Leon27s Phat Loot Lyric Could not find a known, usable skill of yours...
  9. Boesbert

    Asdon Martin GUI

    When trying to get +740 fuel, I lately often get just the error message in the gCLI. +370 fuel works fine, however. Another thing the script lately does which it has not done before for me is put on Travoltan Trousers for the sake of purchasing things but then not putting on the previous pants.
  10. Boesbert

    Bug - Fixed Combat Menu Buttons (custom buttons?) broken

    I tried this for a while... and it worked... and then it stopped working? :confused: I think it might have gotten broken by the LOV tunnel enemies? I dunno, I need to test this further.
  11. Boesbert

    Bug - Fixed Combat Menu Buttons (custom buttons?) broken

    Yeah, I switched back to Firefox as well (which has its own problems). If you could, please post a link to some centralized discussion of this problem where the Chromium developers are most likely to see it. Also, thanks to Veracity for getting to the bottom of this.
  12. Boesbert


    1/day things missing (or at least I don't see them): Soak in the Mayo Favored by Lyle Total Protonic Reversal
  13. Boesbert


    "Creepy Grin" combat skill from equipping the "V for Vivala mask" is missing from the free runaway block in the resources section.
  14. Boesbert

    Bug - Fixed Combat Menu Buttons (custom buttons?) broken

    This part is surprisingly difficult for me since I am not exactly sure where the beginning and end of those things are in this wall of text.
  15. Boesbert

    Bug - Fixed Combat Menu Buttons (custom buttons?) broken

    I did not change any settings but yes, I have been regularly upgrading Chromium (and there have been several upgrades recently). I just checked with Firefox and the problem does not appear there. I guess I might have to switch again...
  16. Boesbert

    Bug - Fixed Combat Menu Buttons (custom buttons?) broken

    I did on August 1. edit: I guess that roughly tracks with when the first jumbled-up stationary button menu appeared, but the line breaks disappearing definitively happened after the most recent rollover to me.
  17. Boesbert

    Bug - Fixed Combat Menu Buttons (custom buttons?) broken

    I don't know the proper terminology, I mean the buttons at the top of the combat frame (within the relay browser, myself using Version 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)). A week ago or so, their order got all jumbled up. And between yesterday (using...
  18. Boesbert

    sl_ascend - a cc_ascend fork

    A few assorted observations: The script fights the tentacle in the science tent but never uses my Evoke Eldritch Horror skill to fight one. Do I need to set some value for skill # 168? If you have a Cute Meteor, it should probably be prefered to the Oily Woim, as long as it is still in...