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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce No Boxing Daycare in Breakfast

    I have checked the "Have a Boxing Daydream for both In and Out of Ronin Breakfast automation, but it doesn't grab it anymore. I tested today, logged in w/o auto breakfast, made sure the box was checked, ran breakfast, then went in the relay browser and had the daydream.
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    Feature - Implemented Mafia knowing locations and IotM are non-standard

    So I've been having problems with Rollover Manager, and it happens a lot when it thinks things are available, but they aren't Standard (but they still show up for some reason.) While editing the script I noticed it checked "snojoAvailable" which really should be false because it's not available...
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    Too many scripts for one page

    So my menu is full of scripts. I've tried to pull a few on-off scripts into their own directory, but I'm afraid of moving ones that have dependencies and there are some that were installed by other scripts and I'm not sure which ones need them and if moving them would be a problem. (gain.ash...
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    Feature - Implemented Better Diver stats

    I'd like "Better Diver" stats to be tracked by Mafia. My request is kinda simple, but may be tough to implement. With this year's Crimbo it's become really important. I've run "modref" and I don't see anything about underwater except encounter rate in the numeric modifiers list. I'd be...
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    Bug - Fixed Selling the Cursed Compass in relay causes an error.

    While adventuring in the PirateRealm I got the merchant adventure and sold the compass through that. I had the item equipped at the time, and when I tried to continue adventuring in the Realm, Mafia kept failing trying to equip the Compass. I'm running the newest daily build. Relevant part of...
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    dailyprice.log (fixing networh.ash)

    I'm trying to get networh.ash up and running again ( Every build on that last page has the same issue. When you run it Mafia reports "Problem occured while loading dailyprice.log" I can't figure out where...
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    Would this be possible?

    I've long been a fan of the Color KoL projects. And I've now seen two of them sadly fall off for various limiting factors(FF add-on, Greasemonkey script). So I was wondering if it would be possible to make a mafia version of this, because on mafia scripts live long after their creators leave...
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    Bug - Fixed Looking at Item #0

    Hello. This isn't major, because I don't see anything else acting strange in mafia yet, but I figured you'd like to know about it anyways. When I log in, it starts to look at items and sees Item #0, then tells me it is printing a debug log after every action. It is not, it only created one...
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    Feature - Implemented Halls Passing in the Night is still unsupported

    This is the adventure in the Mer-kin School zone that has more choices as more are unlocked based on other noncombats in that zone. I think it would be sufficient for the automation to fail if the requested choice is not available. Doesn't need to do anything fancy. One more bit of info, this...
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    Bug - Fixed Eating Sushi doesn't increase my fullness counter.

    Topic - Eating sushi through the relay browser doesn't increase my fullness counter in mafia's main window, or the character pane. I am using r12687 of mafia. I am also using the Character Info Toolbox (, and Mr. Script. There is no...
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    Feature Subjunctive link in Help Menu

    Seeing that Subjunctive hasn't been updated in four years, could we switch the link to something else, like preferably the NO calender? I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses this on an almost daily basis.
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    Feature - Rejected Helping Sven Golly

    So I'm doing the Pandemonium quest and when checking w/ Sven Golly Mafia tells me there is no solution available yet. However the quest never changes, so the solution is known before I start every time. Since this isn't anything that needs determining, can mafia just hard code the solutions?
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    Bug - Fixed Familiar equipment and canEquip()

    I right clicked to change my familiar from a Grouper Groupie to a Hunchback Minion and then I see this: > familiar Hunchbacked Minion Putting Eep Op Ork Ah-Ah! the Grouper Groupie back into terrarium... Taking Ahhhhhhhgggggg the Hunchbacked Minion out of terrarium... Stealing gill...
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    Why does Mafia think every familiar is better with the Moeable Feast?

    For some reason every time Mafia switches familiars, it grabs the movable feast from what had it and gives it to the new one. Even when the familiar item is better or not what I want (Purse Rat, Llama Lama) it still moves it around. Is there any way to stop this, short of closeting it? Note: Any...
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    Bug - Won't Fix Error while running an Ash script.

    I got a debug log printed while I was running the Slime Tube script posted in the repository. It was using other scripts at the time. CLI at the time: [6723] The Slime Tube Encounter: flailing Slime groper Round 0: terrabull wins initiative! You acquire an effect: Coated in Slime (duration: 9...
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce Clicked on "Adventure Again twice, got debug log.

    I clicked on Adventure Again. Got a lot of lag and the page never reloaded, so I clicked the link again just to force a refresh. Turns out Mafia was still in the middle of adjusting my moods or something, because my Knob Goblin outfit was on. Debug Log included.
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    Bug - Fixed Clicked "Resurect" and got Debug log printed.

    So I'm not sure what happened, I went to al's to be reborn, filled out all the drop down boxes like a good click monkey and clicked "Resurrect." Mafia went through it's usual formalities and then popped this out. I didn't even notice it till I went to the cli to see if there was a reason it...
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    Bug - Fixed Blind Wumpus Killing

    If you kill the Wumpus while under the effect "Temporary Blindness" it does not reset your Wumpus cave. It will attempt to guide you through the old one, with disastrous consequences.
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    Pickpocket and run away

    Okay, I want to make a cheesy little script that attempt to pickpocket from a monster in an area, then run away, then do it again. I'm assuming the area is 100% combats, but if it's not, will that make a difference? This is what I have: void main() { while(my_adventures() != 0)...