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  1. philmasterplus

    Philter, the inventory cleanup script

    @SketchySolid Not yet, but it sounds like a good feature request. Will look into this.
  2. philmasterplus

    Automatically download the newest daily build

    My old Python 3 auto-update script broke down yesterday due to some issue on Now that KoLmafia lives on GitHub, it made sense to tweak the script to download from GitHub instead: #!/usr/bin/env python """Updates KolMafia""" import json import pathlib import sys import...
  3. philmasterplus

    Word Wrap in the CLI

    Try unchecking "Log preference changes", as that is often the most verbose one.
  4. philmasterplus

    Feature JSON

    I recall the documentation for HTMLCleaner mentioning JDOM. Perhaps some code is/was using them together?
  5. philmasterplus

    Philter, the inventory cleanup script

    Au contraire, OCD Inventory Control has been counting items in closet and Hagnks since 2013: // available_amount varies depending on whether the character can satisfy requests with the closet etc. This doesn't int full_amount(item it) { return available_amount(it) +...
  6. philmasterplus

    Philter, the inventory cleanup script

    Thanks for the advice! I think I'll aim for preserving items by default. I was planning to add a ZLib variable, but you convinced me otherwise. That said, things are still going to be slightly tricky with Keep Amount. For example, suppose the player wants to autosell all but 1 of item X. If the...
  7. philmasterplus

    Philter, the inventory cleanup script

    If you have item X equipped and in your inventory, Philter will unequip it (by calling retrieveItem()) and cleanse them together. If you have item X equipped but don't have any in your inventory, Philter will ignore it. This is confusing and inconsistent. I'd like to be more consistent: (1)...
  8. philmasterplus

    Bug - Fixed Nemesis Quest tracking property is not updated upon quest start

    Sorry to keep bumping, but there is another minor bug. The Legendary Epic Weapon quest involves the following steps: Defeat the Clownlord, Beelzebozo who drops the ingredient for the legendary epic weapon Visit the same-class NPC who gives you 1000 meat to buy the tenderizing hammer Smith...
  9. philmasterplus

    Bug - Fixed Nemesis Quest tracking property is not updated upon quest start

    Erm, it looks like the wiki was incorrect on the text. Apparently, even TPTB are confused on how to spell the Misspelled Cemetery--the Mysticality guild NPC dialogue uses "Cemetary", which causes the text comparison to fail. This patch should finally fix it, regardless of the typo: Index...
  10. philmasterplus

    Bug bug + feature: adding a way to assert that a path starts with ROOT_LOCATION

    Does ASH support relative path imports (e.g. import "../foo/bar/stuff.ash";)? If not, that could be an alternative for bypassing the normal script lookup logic.
  11. philmasterplus

    Word Wrap in the CLI

    I usually enter clear to erase the gCLI, or drag-select the output until I reach the left edge.
  12. philmasterplus

    Bug - Fixed [patch included] When using Flatlaf themes, SVNManager message boxes render HTML incorrectly

    KoLmafia revision: r20806 When svn checkout or svn update warns about overwriting files, the popup dialog usually looks like this: When I'm using one of the FlatLaf themes added in r20534, the HTML in the dialog is broken: (current theme is 'Light Owl') After some experimentation, I...
  13. philmasterplus

    20736: Aloow runtime library functions that are called with a named reference to another callback...

    It seems that the callback-based version of adventure() returns null instead of true/false. Is this intended? > js print(adventure(1, Location.get('the sleazy back alley'), () => 'attack; repeat')) Visit to Town: The Sleazy Back Alley in progress... [1025] The Sleazy Back Alley Encounter...
  14. philmasterplus

    Philter, the inventory cleanup script

    Gausie submitted a PR for this a while ago, but I didn't have time to look into this. Since the demand is >1 I'll try to prioritize this over the others. I assume you're referring to switching between top-level tabs (Add Items ↔ Edit Rules)? The app currently remembers edit state when you...
  15. philmasterplus

    Philter, the inventory cleanup script

    Philter Manager has learned how to filter items by name: This is available in the r800 update. Enter svn update in the gCLI to get it right now. Philter Manager doesn't support a "full item DB search" yet. For now, you'll have to use Philter Manager classic for this.
  16. philmasterplus

    Bug JavaScript bugs

    Rhino doesn't support default and rest parameters yet. Some transpilers use arguments extensively to transpile these features, so we can't abolish it yet. (Speaking of which, should we launch a popup for parameters with default values, too?) I'd argue that relying on Function.prototype.length...
  17. philmasterplus

    Bug JavaScript bugs

    I don't want to end up manipulating Function.prototype.length just to suppress a popup box, or creating fake parameters to control how many popup boxes are launched. I'm also not too happy about showing parameter names directly in I'm okay with the status quo.
  18. philmasterplus

    Feature - Implemented Allow user input more advanced than "yes or no" in ash scripts

    I'm seeing two bugs. 1. When I hit Cancel in a popup launched with the aggregate-based form of user_prompt(), KoLmafia aborts the script. > ash user_prompt( "some message", $strings[ foo, bar, baz ] ); () Script execution aborted (java.lang.NullPointerException): () Returned: void > js...
  19. philmasterplus

    New Content - Implemented September IotM - bagged Cargo Cultist Shorts

    A couple of bugs: 1. It seems that pocket_meat(), pocket_poem(), and pocket_scrap() are effectively the same functions. I can use pocket_meat() to examine a waterlogged poem pocket, or pocket_scrap() to examine a meat puzzle pocket. This is the code from // indexed_text...