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    Philter, the inventory cleanup script

    I want to add this to the end of my automated day routine, but sometimes I end up with items that I haven't categorized yet. Is there a way to tell it to ignore uncategorized items without having to manually click to skip uncategorized items every time? Thanks for continuing to maintain this...
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    Bug - Fixed New VIP fireworks shop equipment not considered in Maximizer

    Catherine Wheel is not considered by maximizer, and is even removed when no other back slot items are available and removing it would lower score. Probably some of the new items haven't been added to the maximizer database yet?
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    Ezandora's Guide got an update in March after a long spell of no updates. I like the new resource bar that was added.
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    Bug - Fixed Maximizer won't equip Familiar Scrapbook

    I can't get maximizer to equip familiar scrapbook, even when explicitly telling it to with "+equip familiar scrapbook".
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    Feature - Implemented Consider backupcamera mode settings in maximizer.

    When asked to maximize a stat that it's not set to, this latest IotM is not considered. All 3 forms should be considered, and the command "backupcamera mode [meat | ml | init]" should be called to change mode if selected by the maximizer. The Backup Camera IotM can be set to +50% meat drops...
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    Thanks for the update, Ezandora! I love this script!
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    Automatically download the newest daily build

    It would probably make sense to write this script in java, since every who's running the Kolmafia.jar file is going to have java installed already. Then it can be cross-platform, and work out-of-the-box.