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  1. lostcalpolydude

    Feature Extend KoLmafia with other scripting languages

    I'm not very familiar with python, or jython... but my first thought is to wonder about the security of adding this. If someone has jython for some other reason, does this suddenly allow scripts to do harmful things outside of influencing a KoL account? I've worked pretty hard to make sure...
  2. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Mummery

    This should be interesting to handle. The first step is tracking what bonus is applied to each familiar. I'm thinking a _mummery setting that tracks familiar number and choice number, separated with some arbitrary punctuation, looking something like 211,1:1,4 Keeping that updated requires...
  3. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Sweet Synthesis - Multi-casting

    Multi-casting Sweet Synthesis is now a thing. It's properly parsed now (18214), if done manually. But there are a lot of ways to automate it, and each one possibly needs its own way of specifying a quantity if that will be supported. The syntax for adding to the CLI command would be...
  4. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Kremlin's Greatest Briefcase

    There will likely be a lot to handle with this IotM, much of it being impossible to add right now because we don't know about it (the spading has covered everything I could find during testing). Recognizing when its enchantments are changed was pretty straightforward to support, so that's done...
  5. lostcalpolydude

    Feature - Implemented License to Adventure

    The path has upgrades ( to parse, store, and apply. There might be new martinis since was last updated. There's probably other stuff.
  6. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Intergnat

    Most of this content will be straightforward to support. Add a new familiar, add a coinmaster, usual stuff. The interesting thing to support will be the monster modifiers from using the familiar. They change the monster's name, in the same way that OCRS modifiers do, though they aren't so...
  7. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Image path change due to new KoL hosting

    Jick mentioned on a recent radio show that KoL's hosting is moving. That means (at least on dev right now) a new URL path for images. In 16827 I made a few changes to make mafia usable again on dev. It's possible these changes won't ever be visible outside of dev, in which case this will just...
  8. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Inline item descriptions

    This broke our equipped items parsing from inventory. The fix can't be committed now, but updating src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/request/ starting at line 76 to have this updated regex fixes it. Tested with inline descriptions on and off (a KoL setting). private static...
  9. lostcalpolydude

    Deck of Every Card cheat spoilers

    I threw together this script to show on the cheat page what each option does. Save this as choice.ash in your relay folder. I figure there's probably plenty of room to improve this, I only spent enough time to make it informative and not have any lines be too long. buffer page; void...
  10. lostcalpolydude

    Feature - Implemented Familiar script

    So, I've already coded this feature (except for some GUI stuff that shouldn't be too hard), I just want to see what feedback there is before adding it. The idea is to have a familiarScript (name subject to feedback) that runs when you switch familiars to determine what equipment to switch to...
  11. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented PvP Changes

    Attacking for mainstat is not a thing this season. Instead, you can pick any of the minis to use, with the other 6 selected randomly. There's likely something we should change for that, but I haven't started looking at any code yet. I'm pretty sure we can't assume that future seasons will...
  12. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Fixed Password hash logged in session log

    Occasionally, when choice adventure options are taken, the password hash isn't stripped before the URL is logged. I think this happens consistently when decorating the Crimbo Shrub, but there are inconsistent cases too. I've seen a log where it wasn't stripped when entering the underworld...
  13. lostcalpolydude

    Feature - Implemented Don't trigger timein from chat requests

    Occasionally, people leave mafia open on one computer, then go elsewhere and try to log in, only to be quickly left out because a chat update request triggers a timein. Preventing this seems to be as simple as if ( this.isChatRequest ) { return true; } in GenericRequest just...
  14. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented New Mr. Store currency

    Adding the items is simple, but there are now two currencies used for buying things. That typically means not making the shop a coinmaster, but Mr. Store is already a coinmaster. Does this mean making it not a coinmaster, or is there a reasonable way to support that?
  15. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Sneaky wrapping paper

    In case it's worth logging something more than the item received from these adventures, here's the HTML, collected outside of mafia. <body> <centeR><!--faaaaaaart--><table width=95% cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr><td style="color: white;" align=center bgcolor=blue><b>A hidden...
  16. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented Choice adventure spoilers not displaying

    I don't know what changed (I expect something on KoL's end), but choice adventure spoilers are no longer being displayed. I don't expect to get this fixed before going to sleep at least.
  17. lostcalpolydude

    Feature Use 1 adventure instead of 0 for unknown food/booze

    Someone mentioned today in chat that they weren't getting Ode warnings in mafia for the new turkey booze. I realized it was due to mafia thinking it gives 0 adventures, since it's new enough that there isn't data. Mafia doesn't warn for that because pvp food/booze doesn't benefit from...
  18. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Not A Bug Relay browser chat reloading

    Occasionally, while I'm typing in the chat window in the relay browser, the entire chat pane reloads. This happens infrequently, less than once per session probably, so it's very difficult to narrow down the cause. I first saw the issue at least two months ago, probably a bit longer than that...
  19. lostcalpolydude

    Feature Track turns spent in all locations

    I'm working on adding tracking of all turns spent in an ascension in each area, stored basically the same as the queue for each area. This should obsolete some of the per-zone settings that have started to pop up. My plan is for it to be accessible as a proxy field for locations, turns_spent...
  20. lostcalpolydude

    Feature - Implemented Remove currentFullness and currentSpleenUse settings

    Now that fullness and spleen no longer need to be tracked between sessions, there doesn't really need to be a setting for them. my_fullness() and my_spleen_use() have existed forever, so hopefully people are using those instead of the settings to retrieve those values. I already rewrote code...