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Thread: Help on creating a script to use Uncle Greenspan's Bathroom Finance Guide

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    Default Help on creating a script to use Uncle Greenspan's Bathroom Finance Guide

    To those gifted with scripting skills how would one do the following:

    Check to see if the Buy Sell effect is in effect and if not then Use Uncle Greenspan's Bathroom Finance Guide

    I want to add this to a current script and run it for a while to see how powerful this effect really is


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    Simply add it as a mood:

    Trigger On: When an effect is lost
    Check For: Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell!
    Command: use 1 Uncle Greenspan's Bathroom Finance Guide
    Try the Nemesis Quest Script or the FamiliarFeeder interface.
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    The effect averages out at +50% meat for 100 adventures. It nets you 12-13K meat castle farming, and 25K meat for melange farming.
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    Thanks slyz, bumcheek

    Uggg why did I not think of using a mood >.>

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    Actually, adding it to a mood in that manner is slightly wasteful. It will use another one when you have 1 turn of the effect left instead of when it runs out.

    Trigger on: Unconditional trigger
    Check for: (leave blank)
    Command: if buy! sell! buy! sell! < 1; use Uncle Greenspan's Bathroom Finance Guide

    It's more than a potential waste of MP in this case to extend it with 1 turn remaining. It comes out to +2% meat (or +1% item for bubbles) by making this change.

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