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Thread: Character Info Toolbox

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    De nada. It's nice to have a little extra viewing space with all the bricks we have nowadays !

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    I'll be sure to look in to this some time this week!
    Originally Posted by soolar View Post
    Sorry for the delay, but that should be fixed now!

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    I'm having odd troubles with a new install. I'm unsure what is going on, or what information will help, so here goes:

    Linux Mint 64, Firefox browser, Mafia build is 17622.

    I stripped out some of the stuff I don't use, but the issue has been here since I installed CHIT on this build. The bottom toolbar and the familiar bit are covering the effects, and I'm unsure what's causing it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome, as would any advice on what I done wrong!

    Many thanks in advance.


    automcd true
    chit.autoscroll true
    chit.character.avatar   true
    chit.character.title    true
    chit.checkversion       false
    chit.clan.display       off
    chit.currencies rad,source essence,BACON,cop dollar
    chit.currencies.showmany        false
    chit.disable    false
    chit.effects.classicons none
    chit.effects.describe   false
    chit.effects.layout     songs,buffs,intrinsics
    chit.effects.modicons   true
    chit.effects.showicons  true
    chit.effects.usermap    false
    chit.familiar.anti-gollywog     true
    chit.familiar.hats      spangly sombrero,sugar chapeau,Chef's Hat,party hat
    chit.familiar.pants     spangly mariachi pants,double-ice britches,BRICKO pants,pin-stripe slacks,Studded leather boxer shorts,Monster pants,Sugar shorts
    chit.familiar.protect   false
    chit.familiar.showlock  false
    chit.familiar.weapons   time sword,batblade,Hodgman's whackin' stick,astral mace,Maxwell's Silver Hammer,goatskin umbrella,grassy cutlass,dreadful glove,Stick-Knife of Loathing,Work is a Four Letter Sword
    #chit.floor.layout      update,familiar
    chit.floor.layout       familiar
    chit.gear.display.aftercore     favorites:amount=all, quest:amount=all, charter:amount=all, today:amount=all:create=false, rollover, DRUNK:amount=all
    chit.gear.display.aftercore.defaults    create=true, pull=true, amount=1        favorites:amount=all:pull=true:create=true, astral:amount=all, item, -combat, +combat, quest:amount=all:pull=true:create=true, today:amount=all:create=false, ML, path:amount=all, prismatic, res, charter:amount=all, rollover, DRUNK:amount=all, Wow:amount=all, resistance:amount=3       create=false, pull=false, amount=1
    chit.gear.layout        default
    chit.helpers.dancecard  true
    chit.helpers.semirare   true
    chit.helpers.spookyraven        true
    chit.helpers.wormwood   stats,spleen
    chit.helpers.xiblaxian  true
    chit.kol.coolimages     true
    chit.quests.hide        false
    chit.roof.layout        character,stats
    chit.stats.layout       muscle,myst,moxie|hp,mp,axel|mcd|trail,florist
    chit.stats.showbars     true
    chit.thrall.showname    false
    chit.toolbar.layout     trail,quests,modifiers,elements,organs
    chit.toolbar.moods      true
    chit.walls.layout       helpers,thrall,vykea,effects
    defaultoutfit   current
    is_100_run      none
    threshold       4
    unknown_ml      170
    verbosity       3

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    I haven't got any good ideas. The only thing I could guess is that Firefox on Linux doesn't like the CSS since there's nothing odd in your setup. Could you try it with a different browser like Chrome and tell us if that works?

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    Oh, now I'm really baffled. Chrome mostly behaves under Mint, but bizarrely enough, the standard KoL chat pane gets argumentative. I actually tried it under a couple of other Linux distros, and found equally bizarre behaviour. I'm going to try some off-the-wall browsers to see if one works, and if it does, set that as the KoLMafia default. I guess this is what I get for breaking Windows...

    Thanks for responding, I didn't think there was anything wrong, just HTML/CSS interpretation, as you suggested.

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    Hmm, I feel like I've seen that happen at least once and managed to fiddle with something or other to fix it. I don't remember the details, but I'll try poking around and see if I can find anything.

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    I keeps receiving this in CLI:

    Multiple matches for "Staff of Ed"; using "[7961]Staff of Ed". (chit_brickGear.ash, line 337) Clarify by using one of:
    "[2325]Staff of Ed"
    "[7961]Staff of Ed"

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    You've got the Staff of Ed in your favorites?! Weird, but I guess I get it.

    I don't think I'll bother to fix this. It's not really harmful anyway.

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    I'm having an issue with the appearance of the 'gear' section... it's automatically partially-covered by the 'effects' section. Resizing the character pane temporarily fixes it, but whenever it's refreshed for any reason (which happens a lot), it goes back to being half-covered. This is happening in both Safari and Chrome, if that makes a difference.

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    Known issue. Sometimes that happens -- sometimes it does not. It sounds a lot more common for you than it is for me. I wish I knew how to fix it. Some sort of really weird CSS issue.

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