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Thread: Condition cleared when not met - Screambat/sonar

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    Default Condition cleared when not met - Screambat/sonar

    An unintended consequence of the current sonar-in-a-biscuit/screambat code:
    [3530] Guano Junction
    Encounter: screambat
    Strategy: C:\Program Files (x86)\KoLMafia\ccs\FinalAttack.ccs [default]
    Round 0: Theraze wins initiative!
    Round 1: Theraze executes a macro!
    Round 1: Theraze attacks!
    Round 2: screambat takes 351 damage.
    Round 2: "Situation deemed insufficiently copacetic," says Gronald in its weird tinny voice. "Increasing local funk parameters." It begins to spin and emit bright flashes of multicolored light, dazzling your opponent.
    Round 2: Theraze wins the fight!
    You gain 4 Muscleboundness
    You gain 3 Wizardliness
    Condition removed: sonar-in-a-biscuit
    Unfortunately, the screambat won't let me beat the NS tower Bowling Cricket...

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    LOL! I hadn't thought of THAT!
    If people like my scripts, please send me stuffed Hodgmen.
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    Primary use case of this bug is obsolete, due to NS tower revamp. Bug probably still exists, but it's much lower impact as a result.

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