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Thread: bumcheekcend.ash - A zero setup semi-automated ascension script!

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    get questM12Pirate
    Originally Posted by Theraze View Post
    Oh. Yeah... guess it's hard to get insults with a War going on.


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    snooty: Oooh. Wonder if you may have set your autoBuyPriceLimit down below 5k. Check that....[snip]...
    Originally Posted by Theraze View Post
    I was completely unaware that was a thing. how do I check/set that? I keep getting unable to invoke autowhatsits.

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    get autoBuyPriceLimit will show you what you have set. I was somewhat sure it's somewhere in the GUI, but I'm not finding it in the Item Manager or Preferences currently.

    As per usual, set using either get autoBuyPriceLimit=20000 (the default) or set autoBuyPriceLimit=20000. Get and Set both do exactly the same thing. 20k is just a recommendation - pick whatever you want, as long as it's at least 5k if you want BCA to be able to buy it automatically. Mine is currently set to 10k because that works fine for me and my aliases will adjust aBPL automatically when it needs to be in the 3-4 million meat range. Heh.

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    All were set at the default of 20k when I checked them. Mafia has some settings that are universal, so I checked each toon individually to be certain. Also, go, daddy Warbucks with your 4mil autobuys! Dayum!

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    Ok, still not buying the documents, doing a mox/normal/standard run, and BCA is kind of...freaking out a bit at a boo peak. It's maximizing for hp, which I get, but aborts and won't handle the noncombat it just buffed for. My mus runs had no issue, worked completely fine. Also, is there a trick to getting BCA to obtain the library key without spending all turns there or doing it manually?

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    Seems you have... something... that breaks lots of things. No clue what. Let's just see if we can trace it down. Many questions will be repeats, but that's fine-ish.
    1) You're running in Hardcore or in Softcore with run SC as HC? Or are you running this in pure SC mode and dealing with all of the outfit swaps and other joy yourself?
    2) You've allowed purchases from NPCs, possibly coinmasters, and have a reasonable autoBuyPriceLimit?

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    I know, right?! I still have no clue why BCA won't buy the ID, and I'm not sure where these breakdowns are occurring. It's very frustrating, but, I generally come here only when time permits, so, *super* sorry for delays!!
    1) SC with run SC as HC on, dealing with stops as they occur, will try to write them all down next time.
    2) Yes, always have, yes to coinmasters, and I never changed the autoBuyPriceLimit from the original 20k as set by mafia. Meat on hand is usually around 60k by that point, which I don't closet or turn into stacks because why would anyone do that anyway?

    How on earth do we find the thing that is breaking all the things? So frustrating! Thanks for trying to help me figure this out, Theraze!

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    It's not BCA failing to buy the ID, it's your mafia settings stopping it. You've clearly shown that with your 5373. To break that down...
    1) You told mafia to use normal acquisition logic to get the ID. It said no.
    2) You told mafia to buy the ID ignoring any other restrictions you've placed. It bought it with no problems.

    Logically, that means that some part of our question 2 is failing. Hmm, how can we try to check that some more... How about this in the gCLI tab?
    ash get_property("autoBuyPriceLimit").to_int()
    > ash get_property("autoBuyPriceLimit").to_int()

    Returned: 10000
    Maybe a comma ended up turning your 20k into 20 or something else similarly confusing.

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    But, that's so weird. I changed nothing with the price limit, I never even knew that was a thing that could be changed till you mentioned it. Will check the toons today, and edit this later with the results.

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    edit this later with the results.
    Originally Posted by snooty View Post
    I wouldn't suggest that, unless you don't want people to see the results. Making a new post is much better.

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