Not sure if I should start a new script, or i this is okay, but I had some trouble using the script here, so I just played the Tube manually for awhile. Once I was more comfortable with The Tube in general (knew what I could handle, when I needed to swap stuff out, etc.), I ended up making my own very simple script.

I don't really know what I'm doing with scripting. If it doesn't work for you, it's not super likely I will be able to help.
This is very much not optimal. It does not manage free runaways (though maybe your CCS could while using this). It does not manage buff or consumables. If I care about speed, I will go manually, not with this script.


It uses outfits "minml" and "maxml2" (because my maxml outfit is for speed runs, and requires more consumable management).
You can change these easily in the script. There aren't a lot of lines to sift through to find them.

It also assumes you want to use chamoix for cleaning yourself, and doesn't try for a hot tub.

So, all this one does is:
-Grab a cham (won't be used if you aren't already coated)
-Equip you minml outfit
-Spend 1 turn (does not try to free runaway, just kills the low lvl slime)
-Switch to maxml2
-Burns turns down to 4 turns of coated in slime.
-Asks you if you want to do it again.

So, it's only automated for 1 instance of Coated in Slime, and will require you to tell it you want to go again.

You can change how many turns of coated you can handle.
it shows up on line 19:

adventure(coat - 4, $location[The Slime Tube]);

Just change to 4 to whatever number you want to stop at.

If I knew how to ask the user how many turns, I could make that easier.
I guess I could also figure out how to use that to say how many times to repeat, too.

Anyway, hope this helps. If I should have put this in another thread, lmk. I don't use the forum much ...