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Thread: Skillref Plus -- everything you could ever want to know about skills

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    Lightbulb Skillref Plus -- everything you could ever want to know about skills

    The second script in my Reference Plus family of scripts is here! Skillref Plus is a hyper-informational interactive display containing everything you could possibly want to know about skills.

    What Does It Do?

    It displays every known skill in a table like this:


    Up top you'll notice a fair amount of filters you can apply to the data. In addition to a smart substring match, you can filter by perm status, ID range, type (i.e. Buff, Summon, Combat, etc), class, modifier (such as those used by numeric_modifier()), whether you have the skill, whether the skill is available to you according to ZLib's be_good() function, whether the skill is permable, or just about any combination of the above!

    For example, you could check (Not P) + (Permable) + (Have) to immediately see a list of which skills you have acquired this run that you could perm if you ascended right now.

    The skills table itself is (I'd like to think) pretty intuitive to use so it's better to show than tell, I think. In general, mouseover everything for expanded information. However, I'll explain a few things that may not be immediately obvious.

    • A check after the name of a skill indicates that you currently have that skill.
    • For non-combat skills you have, there are buttons to cast those skills if available. The table will update after casting.
    • The Results column contains various types of information depending on the type of skill:
      • For passive skills, it displays the modifiers affected.
      • For summoning skills, it displays the loot you gain.
      • For combat skills, the combat results of skills that you have are displayed according to BatBrain's information (hence the BatBrain dependency). BatBrain's information is presently calculated based on fighting a Goth Giant, but I hope to eventually make a monster selector that would allow you to choose which monster to base the calculations on. For skills you lack (or which BatBrain considers unavailable for other reasons), a bat logo is displayed, which reveals BatBrain's batfactors information concerning that skill.
      • For skills that grant effects, it displays an icon of that effect, along with how many turns of the effect you have and how many you would gain from casting the skill. The effect icon is dimmed if you presently do not have that effect.
    • The Source column shows icons representing information about how/where you acquire that skill, dimmed out if currently unavailable. For Gelatinous Noobs, we list valid items that grant the given skill and provide a few quick links to create or absorb these items where possible.

    It will load fairly slowly the first time you run it (from the dropdown menu in your relay browser), but much of the page is built statically, so further loads in the same session will load more quickly.

    Important Note: As with all scripts in the Reference Plus family, if you ever want to interact with the information window that pops up, for example to move an item using one of the drag-n-drop inventories that appears, you can hold down SHIFT to prevent the window from disappearing while you move your mouse over to it.


    Type this in your CLI:
    svn checkout
    This is the same repository as Prefref Plus, since they share a number of files. So if you already had Prefref Plus, you now also have Skillref Plus. Congratulations! And as always, Enjoy!

    Next on the docket: Itemref Plus.
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