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    This is probably not what I expected from Auto. Is it a side effect of having a Rouge's Mask in my Display Case but NOT in inventory?
    Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    The script picks whichever mask you have the least of, and doesn't check strategy -> mask. The assumption was, by the time you were ready to fight bosses, you would have already had all three masks.

    It wanted to use a pirate pamphlet but aborted instead of equipping the Fledges and buying one.
    Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    Hmm. Some issue in gain.ash and how mafia acquires items, particularly the shifting-per-ascension pirate pamphlets?

    Burned all available adventures for me. Issue was WHAM did not handle "a flock of every birds" so I would lose the fight and it would try again. I don't think this requires any change to the script but is a warning for users.
    Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    Strange, why was WHAM in control? FantasyRealm works by passing in a combat macro to adv1()'s third parameter, and disables in-game macros - from what I understand, this should override everything else. That overrides my personal combat consult script, at least.

    Anyways, I added in some questionable code that might detect if you lost a fight. It might break everything!

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    Thanks. I don't think the script is counting masks in my DC since I have 16, 1 and 1 and I think the onesies are from runs I did before the script. I can remember to pull one of each...

    No more comment on the pamphlet.

    I thought WHAM was in charge but maybe not. Whatever was running combat was not casting the area effect spells. I'll pay attention next time flocks are fought :-)

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