Once you do that, it's entirely possible that kol just assigned you to a different (less loaded) webserver, and you know nothing.
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The intended takeaway from the problem description was twofold:
* first, that logging out and logging in didn't fix the issue. Only completely closing Mafia fixed the issue. It's possible I'm just playing server roulette, but I can check this to a higher confidence level next time I have the issue by logging out and in repeatedly without closing Mafia.
* second, that the CLI updated quickly in displaying "using item" and displaying the results of using the item, but there was a substantial delay before it reported that it had finished. I can't find exactly where in the code the "You acquire an item:" printing is happening, but there doesn't seem to be anything substantial going on between that printing and the finished printing. I'd guess that the "You acquire an item:" printing couldn't happen until the response was returned, but I could be wrong.