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Thread: Clan Fortune Script

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    And "fortune" is a built-in command. You override it with your script name?

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    Here's how I would do that same script.

    void main()
    cli_execute ("/whitelist bonus");
    cli_execute ("fortune quicksend");
    wait (5;)
    cli_execute ("fortune quicksend");
    wait (5);
    cli_execute ("fortune quicksend");
    cli_execute ("/whitelist ferengi");

    First, the command is "fortune (XXX)" not clanfortune (XXX). Second wait (X); needs to be it's own command, it's not a cli command. I would put a delay of at least 5, unless the bot is super fast
    Originally Posted by Pazleysox View Post

    And "fortune" is a built-in command. You override it with your script name?
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post

    Thanks guys for the advice.

    I actually thought it had to put "clanfortune" in front because the script name is clanfortune.ash and on the github page, they had other commands which started with clanfortune (e.g clanfortune help, clanfortune defaults,<setting name>,<setting>)

    I recall typing "clanfortune quicksend" in the gCLI manually and it worked for me.

    But I find it a little odd that the command "quicksend" did not work, since on the github page, the command was only "quicksend".

    How did you guys manage to find out it was "fortune quicksend"?
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    Wait is totally a valid cli command, so either version should work.
    Originally Posted by the dictator View Post

    Correct, my mistake. You can also use


    The q will make it silent, and not show the countdown.

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