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Thread: Spleen items that give Adventures are no longer a thing in Ronin or Hardcore

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    Default Spleen items that give Adventures are no longer a thing in Ronin or Hardcore

    [15:37] System Message: A new trivial update has been posted: In celebration of Slightly Later in the Afternoon on International Nerf Day, spleen items that give Adventures are no longer a thing in Ronin or Hardcore, via various tweaks and twerks.
    I expect this will need some changes to handle appropriately. More info from the slaw at

    Jick doesn't want spleen to continue to be treated like an extra stomach, so today's changes effectively make your spleen useless for gaining adventures while in Hardcore or Ronin while under Standard restrictions.

    So, regarding the spleen update:
    • Spleen items derived from paid content (e.g. anything dropped by a spleen familiar or gotten from a barrel) are completely unchanged.
    • spleen items with level requirements >=13 cannot be used in ronin or hardcore.
    • Astral Energy Drinks can no longer be purchased in valhalla and are otherwise unchanged.
    • Blood-drive stickers now have a level 13 requirement.
    • Other spleen items that are possible to use under Standard restrictions have had their adventure gains removed (e.g. twinkly wads, guy made of be pollen). Some items in this category have had their stat gains or associated effect durations increased.
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    I think it's not a big deal. Before NS-13 it was perfectly normal for rules to shift around from time-to-time. We've gotten used to the rules being stable and unyielding. As a result this sort of thing is now considered strange.

    This isn't a punishment, it's just a rules change.

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    Fine, given Sweet Synthesis, I'm probably only losing 6 "cheap" turns a day. That's only 24K net Meat a day or so.

    For, literally, no benefit whatsoever to me. Just a pure nerf.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post
    You're not 'losing' those turns though. You're 'losing' an extremely crappy source of turngen which I doubt you're even going to care about when you calm down. With all the shiny stuff you own that you don't even use, are you honestly saying you don't own at least 1 spleen familiar (e.g. Golden Monkey)? Because the turngen from those items is completely, 100% unchanged as slaw said in the post I quoted. If you're really farming Barf Mountain every day at 4k meat per adventure and filling the last chunk of your spleen with twinkly wads, you're literally doing it wrong.

    Also the last spleen familiar was released 2 years ago so it's not like there wasn't any foreshadowing with this. It's been rumoured on the forums for years this was going to happen.

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    r18356 - lightly tested - changes spleen items that have so far been spaded, and adds standard restriction on level 13+ consumables.

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    Additional spleen spading data (not in mafia's consumable data as of r18364):

    slimy alveolus: gives no adventures (instead of 1.5), now gives 50 turns of Slimebreath (instead of 40)
    expensive cigar: gives no adventures (instead of 1.5), gives Mus stats (I got 48; they're too expensive for me to spade the range on my multi right now, and his spleen is too full)
    vibrating mushroom: gives no adventures (instead of 3.5), buff is unchanged

    For the record:
    handful of Smithereens, carrot juice and nasty snuff are all unchanged, being derived from IotM's, this is expected. But just thought I'd mention it in case anyone is going through the list trying stuff.
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    r18406 (cigar was 40-50 mus).

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