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Thread: Black Day not accounted for.

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    Default Black Day not accounted for.

    post-holiday sale coupon gives you 1 turn of Black Day.
    That effect gives you a 10% discount at NPC stores.
    It stacks with Travoltan Trousers and Five Finger Discount.

    We understand the latter two - and show the result in item searches - but not, it seems, Black Day.
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    It doesn't account for sleaze jelly (or toast with sleaze jelly) either. It also gives a 10% discount to npc stores and stacks with the 3 items/skills above.
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    Black Day is weird because you can only buy 1 of an item with it active, and then you lose it.

    For sleaze jelly, we would need to increment a setting when using it, and then decrement it when making a (likely bulk) purchase from an NPC.

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    I think we're not implementing this, as we'd need to recode mafia to account, and display, variable costs based on how many of an item you plan to buy.

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