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Thread: Bag O' Tricks charges

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    Default Bag O' Tricks charges

    Trying to keep track of Bag O' Tricks charges in combat using combat filters is a pain. Not every combat is guaranteed to have a filter, and not every response is sent to the combat filter (or at least I think the end of combat page is excluded). It would be nice if it kept track of charges automatically.

    Charges are kept across rollover, range from 0 to 3, and reduce to 0 when you activate the buff. Buffs are limited to 3 times a day.

    I think the code to support it is pretty simple. I added this to my local copy, function updateRoundData:

    			if ( KoLCharacter.hasEquipped( ItemPool.get( ItemPool.BAG_O_TRICKS, 1 ), EquipmentManager.OFFHAND ) )
    				if ( responseText.contains( "You reach into the bag and pull out " ) )
    					Preferences.increment( "_bagOTricksBuffs" );
    					Preferences.setInteger( "bagOTricksCharges", 0 );
    				else if ( responseText.contains( "The Bag o' Tricks" ) )
    					if ( responseText.contains( "The Bag o' Tricks suddenly feels a little heavier." ) )
    						Preferences.setInteger( "bagOTricksCharges", 1 );
    					else if ( responseText.contains( "The Bag o' Tricks begins to wriggle around in your hand." ) )
    						Preferences.setInteger( "bagOTricksCharges", 2 );
    					else if ( responseText.contains( "The Bag o' Tricks begins squirming around more urgently." ) ||
    							  responseText.contains( "The Bag o' Tricks continues to wriggle around in your hand." ) )
    						Preferences.setInteger( "bagOTricksCharges", 3 );

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    BatBrain tracks this for you if you're using a BatBrain-powered script such as SmartStasis or WHAM. If you're not, though, very tricky to track presently.

    I'd be pleased as well if BatBrain could use a more reliable built-in property.
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    I tweaked the code slightly, and the setting needed to go a few other places, but this is added in 18213.

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