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Thread: Question about CCS

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    Question Question about CCS

    Not sure where else to post this. Not sure if it was a bug or intentional.
    Does mafia not check whether you have a skill before executing a macro? For example if you CCS is
    PHP Code:
    [ default ]
    special action
    skill cleesh
    attack with weapon 
    Why does it just execute a macro with attack if you don't have CLEESH?

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    Somebody who knows can correct me.

    I am pretty sure it does not check for skill or item availability because that can vary during combat. Think of skills that are limited - once per day, once per combat or using an item that is consumed.

    The intentional behavior is that the CCS executes the commands in order but does not abort if failure, but just moves on to the next command.

    That is pretty useful so if it is not what you want you should consider a Consult Script since the behavior is unlikely to be changed.

    Everything I said could be wrong because I can't remember anything anymore ;-)
    You just vehemently agreed with me
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    I agree with frono.
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