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Thread: bountiful.ash - a better bounty script

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    Post bountiful.ash - a better bounty script

    Hello! It's been a while since I've written an .ash script, but a few days ago I decided to re-implement bounty hunting since the existing bounty.ash doesn't really fulfill my needs. A lot of the functionality of this script can be replicated using CCS and existing scripts, but I wanted to practice writing .ash and have all my bounty hunting consolidated within a single script. The script is missing some features, such as an understanding of banishing skills from IOTMs that I don't have, but I'll try to have those added soon.

    With that, I present "bountiful.ash" (from my

    a better bounty script


    To install this script in KolMafia, simply use the following command in the gCLI:

    svn checkout

    The script uses the following properties to determine behavior:

    Property Default Value Description
    bountiful.useBanisher false Whether or not to banish non-bounty monsters within the bounty location
    bountiful.useCopier false Whether or not to copy the bounty monster using Spooky Putty/Rain-Doh
    bountiful.useFax false Whether or not to fax in the bounty monster
    bountiful.useFreeKill false Whether or not to kill the bounty monster with Power pills
    bountiful.maxBanishCost autoBuyPriceLimit Maximum price willing to spend on individual banishers
    bountiful.maxSpecialCost autoBuyPriceLimit Maximum price willing to spend on special bounty content unlockers
    bountiful.automaticallyGiveup false Whether or not to "Give up" bounties which cannot be accessed

    To set a property, simply type the following into the gCLI:

    set [insert property here] = [insert value here]
    A relay settings will be coming soon:tm:.


    Once the script is installed, use the following commands to do begin hunting:

    Command Description
    hunt easy Hunt the "easy" bounty
    hunt hard Hunt the "hard" bounty
    hunt special Hunt the "special" bounty
    hunt optimal Hunts the bounty with the fewest items required
    hunt all Hunts all possible bounties in order of item count

    So, an example run could be:
    bountiful hunt all
    Miscellaneous Information
    This script is still in the "beta" stages and has been tested but not thoroughly, bug reporting is appreciated.

    The code is documented using JavaDoc/JSDoc style comments if you are interested in taking a peek at the source code.

    This script is adapted (but very different) from AutoBHH, originally by izchak and majorly revised by Raorn and Zarqon.

    Feel free to provide feedback of any kind!
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    i think i found bug don't know how it repeat due the nature of it some unknown reason when i try do hunt all sometime it doesn't recognize the bounty area you can hunt is accessible it only seem to effect only for hard bounties.
    oh can you add other option if you want hunt only easy and hard bounties.

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    Spirit, Your script seems to crash and send me to the relay browser when a moxie class pickpockets during combat. could you look into this? Thanks.

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