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    Default Simple ChatBot

    This script is a very simple start for a ChatBot. I've included some notes in the script if you want to modify things that it can do. It's pretty easy to figure out. (At least, I think it's easy)

    If you want the bot to have the ability to send the last 30 chat messages upon request:
    set chatServesUpdates=true

    To set the script to work:
    set chatbotScript=scripts\\chatbot.ash

    The bot will show in the CLI everything that's been spoken in chat. If PM, or normal chat. Will only log the chat for the clan you are currently in. If you choose to be at the console when the bot is running, it WILL NOT respond to your commands. I found when the bot responds to itself, it can cause endless loops and spam chat.

    The bot can be easily programmed to be a buff bot as well. It currently responds to the following commands in PM only:

    Update: last 30 messages received in open chat (does not record PM's)
    Ode: single shot of Ode to Booze
    Stop: bot will shut down completely
    Dance, and can be "reprogrammed"

    The bot will also fire off (mostly) random messages when a specific, relatively uncommon letter/character is seen in chat.

    Requires ZLIB.ASH to run properly. I think everyone should have that by now anyways.

    svn checkout svn://

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    > svn checkout svn://
    Starting Checkout...
    Validating repo...
    The requested repo failed validation. Complain to the script's author.
    You made a simple mistake. The base directory cannot contain anything other than the (optional) dependencies.txt

    Just delete the copy of ChatBot.ash from the main directory and it will work. You already have ChatBot.ash in the /scripts sub-directory where it belongs.
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