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Thread: writingDesksDefeated not set to 5

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    Default writingDesksDefeated not set to 5

    This seems to have been a side effect of the writingDesksDefeated DMT fix

    writingDesksDefeated is not set to 5 after defeating the 5th writing desk and finding the necklace

    Encounter: writing desk
    Round 0: ckb1 wins initiative!
    Round 1: ckb1 executes a macro!
    Round 1: ckb1 tries to steal an item!
    You acquire an item: disintegrating quill pen
    Round 2: ckb1 casts SUMMON LOVE MOSQUITO!
    Round 3: writing desk takes 7 damage.
    Round 3: You gain 7 hit points
    Round 3: ckb1 uses the Time-Spinner!
    Round 4: writing desk drops 4 attack power.
    Round 4: writing desk drops 4 defense.
    Round 4: ckb1 casts COWBOY KICK!
    Round 5: writing desk takes 14 damage.
    Round 5: writing desk drops 11 attack power.
    Round 5: writing desk drops 11 defense.
    Round 5: ckb1 casts SUMMON LOVE GNATS!
    Round 6: ckb1 casts SUMMON LOVE STINKBUG!
    Round 7: writing desk takes 15 damage.
    Round 7: ckb1 attacks!
    Round 8: writing desk takes 94 damage.
    Round 8: writing desk takes 16 damage.
    Round 8: ckb1 wins the fight!
    After Battle: You remember that time at KoL Con X, when everybody got really excited about your super-Moxious Disco Bandit costume.
    After Battle: You gain 4 Chutzpah
    After Battle: ck-Birdy lands near you and starts boppin' her little head back and forth as she helps you look for loot.
    You acquire an item: inkwell
    You acquire an item: snifter of thoroughly aged brandy
    You gain 43 Meat.
    You acquire an item: Lady Spookyraven's necklace
    After Battle: ck-Birdy grins cheerfully as she flits about, tweedlin' and deedlin'. (+5 Stats)
    After Battle: You gain 23 Fortitude
    After Battle: You gain 8 Enchantedness
    After Battle: You gain 37 Chutzpah
    time to absorb

    > inv neck

    Lady Spookyraven's necklace

    > get writingDesksDefeated


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    17965. Since your script isn't bothereing to check questM20Necklace, this change also means your script won't break when someone kills a writing desk outside of mafia.

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