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Thread: Turkey blasters not tracked correctly

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    Default Turkey blasters not tracked correctly

    It's a minor thing, but I noticed today that the tracking of turkey blaster use (added in 17362) doesn't work.
    After using a turkey blaster (from a script if that's important), the property "_turkeyBlastersUsed" remains at zero. However, the log records the hp/mp restored and it appears to have been consumed correctly.
    I don't understand the inner workings of mafia very well, but perhaps the problem is that turkey blasters need to be chewed not "used", and the tracking happens in "UseItemRequest"?

    On an even more minor side note: the code seems to set the property to 5 when it detects the message for the daily consumption limit. However, the wiki says that only 3 can be consumed per day.

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    Should be fixed in 17655.

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