I really want a Synthesize Candy button on the mafia toolbar. I'm calling it up all the time, but I don't want to have to add it as one of my default tabs either. I think it's a great candidate for the toolbar so it will always be within easy one click access like the coinmaster.

However there are already many other buttons. I think it's time to reconsider which buttons belong on the main mafia interface's toolbar. Some of those are never used by me and I suspect never used by anyone else.

There are two approaches. We could make the toolbar user configurable. If a dev actually wants to do that... awesome! Otherwise let's consider the current buttons...

Buttons that need to remain are Browser, gCLI and Preferences. Everything else is optional.

Buttons of dubious use: Council, Clan, Mushrooms, Radio KoL and Alamanc. Do people use them? At least the Almanac has value, but I've bookmarked this calendar and use it exclusively.

I'm also curious how many people use mafia mail and the buff frame. I never do, but perhaps someone else's experience is different? The familiar trainer is useful, but I use it so rarely that it seems a waste to have a toolbar button instead of just being in the drop-down menu with other tools.

While we're at it, another super-common tool people would want in the toolbar is the Maximizer. Seriously. I bet that is the single most clicked on tool in the menu.