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Thread: "Missing step in Quest Tracker for Level 11 Quest"

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    Default "Missing step in Quest Tracker for Level 11 Quest"

    January 04 - A missing step in the Quest Tracker for the Level 11 quest is now not missing anymore. I wouldn't say it's missing, Bob.
    I don't know what this means, yet. We parse the Quest Log (which has shares messages with the Quest Tracker), so we are likely to see this change. It may or may not be something that matters to us.

    My guess:

    The Level 11 Quest Tracker tells you about the Copperhead route to the Palindome. It says nothing about the pirates. Regardless, I always do the pirates, since I find the other way tedious, boring, and, basically, not-fun.

    When I make the Talisman o'Namsilat from snake-head charms, the Quest Tracker still tells me about Copperheads. Only adter I actually visit the Palindome does that quest nudge change to "Investigate the Palindome".

    So, perhaps the change is to remove Copperheads as soon as you get the Talisman via the non-Copperhead route.

    If so, perhaps there is nothing here we need care about.
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    When you had the Staff of Ed, but hadn't gone to the pyramid yet, there was nothing in the quest log/tracker. Now there is something.

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    Is this going to push all the subsequent steps down one, changing their number? Were there steps after that or does this just add one to the end?

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