What does it do?
Simplifies casting the Sweet Synthesis skill from Crimbo 2016.


How do I use it?

Install it by running this command in KoLmafia's graphical CLI:

svn checkout https://github.com/Ezandora/Sweet-Synthesis/branches/Release/
Once it's installed, type "synthesis" in the Graphical CLI, for a list of buff options:

meat - +300% meat.
item - +150% item.
muscle exp - +50% muscle gain.
myst exp - +50% mysticality gain.
moxie exp - +50% moxie gain.
muscle - +300% muscle.
myst - +300% mysticality.
moxie - +300% moxie.
HP - +300% maximum HP.
MP - +300% maximum MP.
hot - +9 hot res.
cold - +9 cold res.
stench - +9 stench res.
spooky - +9 spooky res.
sleaze - +9 sleaze res.

So, running "synthesis item" will give you thirty turns of +150% item for one spleen cost, buying what it needs from the mall. In-run, it will try to use candy you have in inventory, and confirm before using it.

To update the script itself (or any script), run this command in the graphical CLI:

svn update
Sweet Synthesis will require a recent daily build of mafia.

Github: https://github.com/Ezandora/Sweet-Synthesis/
Contact me in-game: Ezandora (#1557284)