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Thread: The default healing settings don't use the hot tub.

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    Default The default healing settings don't use the hot tub.

    I think the issue is that when it tries, it uses the command "relaxing hot tub," because when I turned off everything else, that was all it showed when I typed the "prefref recovery" command. In any case, when the hot tub is all I let it use, it gave "autorecovery failed" with no further explanation. I made sure I had hot tub uses left.

    Another issue, not directly related, is that it prioritizes the consumable Scroll of Drastic Healing over the free daily hot tub.

    For the sake of completeness:

    I was using Mafia daily build 17563, but the built in recovery options using the hot tub hasn't worked in ages The bug can be reproduced by shutting off all recovery options except the hot tub, getting hurt to the point that the script should heal you, and Mafia not using the tub.
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