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Thread: Moron relay script #1: That 70s Volcano

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    Default Moron relay script #1: That 70s Volcano

    Hello. I'm a moron. These are my scripts.

    If you already got your Volcoino for the day, or if you're overdrunk, this stupid relay script will click you to the Volcoino store instead of anything else if you click "The Towering Inferno Discotheque".

    Put it in your /relay folder.
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    This is what I love about mafia scripting! You had a simple little annoyance. You know that you ALWAYS want to go to the shop under those circumstances, so you want a script that will simply skip to that. Then by studying similar scripts you teach yourself how to make it happen the way you want.

    It's straightforward and simple, but its such a personal modification that you'd never ask for it as a mafia feature, so you just add it as a feature all on your own. Then you post it just on the chance that someone else wants to also save that click. Truly mafia's finest.

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