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Thread: Multiline strings in ASH (potential feature?)

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    Since you clearly know what you're talking about, would you care to provide a patch that implements printf(string, ...) as an ASH primitive?

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    This feature was added in r16800.

    Add multi-line string support to ASH.

    In order to specify a multi-line string, you must explicitly escape the
    end-of-line by placing a backslash (\) at the end of the line.

    Note that as a consequence of how the parser is written, it will trim all
    leading and trailing whitespace for each of these lines via Java's
    String.trim() method. Previously, this was irrelevant in the context of ASH
    strings, but now that ASH strings can span multiple lines, it is worth
    mentioning. If you want to have whitespace at the beginning of the line,
    just escape the first character of the line.

    by heeheehee on 2016-03-23 12:55:11

    M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/textui/ (view) (diff)
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    This thread. Which was never a Feature thread in the Bugs forum, so I didn't find it while searching there.

    OK, thanks for this. This suits my needs.
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