Time to update this I suppose?

things the script uses and are now out of standard-
winter garden (OUCH)
DNA lab
galloping grill
fist turkey
crimbo sapling
clan speaksy
grimstone golem (was used to get dowsing rod)

Buddy bjorn, pete's jacket, thor's pliers, ice sculpture & frost flower (from wintergarden), Xiblaxian stealth stuff.

stuff the script can use, but doesn't yet-
intergnat (there might be minimal support as a fairy, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't take advantage of bacon or the new demon)
mayo clinic- replaces DNA
source terminal, detective school, protonic accelerator pack, time-spinner, tot, thanksgarden, gingerbread (is there anything ascension relevant other than a mini-shattering punch?), the new IOTM (which might be a little fiddly, spading pending) and IOTY.

That's.. quite a bit of work.