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Thread: OCD Inventory control

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    Would it be possible to add a "feed to Asdon Martin" option for food/drink items in OCD? I suspect I'd get more use out of junk items as fuel than I would trying to sell them on the mall or any of the other options.

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    While possible... I'm not sure if I want to do this... I'll think about it.

    There isn't a mafia command to asdonmarin fuel is there?

    What food/drink cannot be fueled? Just stuff that is buyable from NPC stores? Anything else.

    What should OCD do if it turns out that the adson martin isn't currently in the workshed? Because you can remove it.

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    Hmm. Maybe instead of having OCD handle Asdon Martin directly, it would be better to just add an option to pass the item off to an external script, as named in the "other data" field. That way, OCD could call "scriptname number_of_items item_name" and the script could decide what to do with the items. That way, I could write my own Asdon Martin handling, and OCD wouldn't need to worry about all of the corner cases.

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    Then just write your own Adson Martin handling!

    You could write a separate script or you could write a wrapper script that handles fueling, and then passes off control to OCD.
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