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Thread: Elemental phail use in Fernwarthy's Basement

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    Default Elemental phail use in Fernwarthy's Basement

    The KoLmafia wiki section on Basement Diving states that mafia will "Use elementform automatically in the relevant tests." when automating adventures in Fernwarthy's Basement. I suspect this was done back in the days when elemental phials were cheap and easy to make or come by. But after the KoL change to phails some years ago, element phials have become VERY expensive. Is there a way to disable this function given current phial prices? Should I make a feature request for this?

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    It looks like this behavior still occurs. Is this something that should be made into a feature request? Or would it best be handled as a bug report?

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    Well, it's working the way it's designed to, so it's definitely not a bug. It could arguably be New Content due to a KoL change, but several years later it's not really that new. So probably a Feature Request would be most accurate.

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    Moved the thread, because why not?

    Removing the line that actually uses a phial would be easy. However, that would just mean trying the elemental test and failing instead (repeatedly, I think?), which doesn't sound like an improvement. So the logic for that whole function needs to be reworked, which first requires understanding all of it.

    Looks like it's mostly in BasementRequest.canHandleElementTest() that would need refactoring, with a bit of supporting code elsewhere that could be removed afterward.

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