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Thread: SmartStasis -- a complex script for a simple CCS

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    Actually, no. It's a WHAM question, and in WHAM there are two WHAM_roundcost variables you'll want to look into - WHAM_roundcost_aftercore and WHAM_roundcost_ronin. How much meat is it worth to you to skip a round of combat when farming in aftercore? What about in a HC or pre-break SC run? If you are spending more time in stasis than you'd like, just raise the values in your vars_<name>.txt file, either by editing it with a text editor or by using zlib to reconfigure it. Tweak until you like your results.

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    Does the script support casting of get a good whiff from the nose when on bounty hunts or for monsters that require olfacting?
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    I am trying to use a mime army infiltration glove with WHAM, and it isnít pickpocketing whenever possible like I want it to. After going through the code, I think the issue lies with SmartStasis. I canít be sure, though. Iíve tried commenting out every check for classes I see, and it has not made a difference.

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    It might be due to the fact that the mime glove is currently bugged, even kol native macro's don't realize the pickpocket skill is available and skip it.

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    I solved it for myself in the least elegant way possible: by adding “steal();” to the start of the main method in WHAM.

    Works like an extremely crude charm.

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