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Thread: SmartStasis -- a complex script for a simple CCS

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    Adding a drops_today field means adding a drops_limit field. That could be something silly like MAX_INT, I suppose. Or maybe the default value of 0 wouldn't mess with scripts that use it.

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    Does mafia track daily jelly drops?
    Originally Posted by zarqon View Post

    However, I was under the impression from the Wiki that each element was somewhat independent as far as drop chance goes, which would reduce or eliminate that opportunity cost. Has that assertion been found to be inaccurate?
    Quite wrong. The element has no bearing on the chance of success. All that matters is how many total jellies have been successfully sucked today.

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    By the way, the last update to SS added throwing gourd items at minions once a day in villain lairs!

    Also, as previously discussed in the Batman RE thread, we have moved casting Approiviseurement la Tortuguloisante to SS, so it's no longer an autoresponse in BatBrain. This solves a frustration Batman RE users were having, in addition to meaning that the Appreuviseunting will be preceded with stunners where helpful. Yay!

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