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Thread: SmartStasis -- a complex script for a simple CCS

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    Actually, no. It's a WHAM question, and in WHAM there are two WHAM_roundcost variables you'll want to look into - WHAM_roundcost_aftercore and WHAM_roundcost_ronin. How much meat is it worth to you to skip a round of combat when farming in aftercore? What about in a HC or pre-break SC run? If you are spending more time in stasis than you'd like, just raise the values in your vars_<name>.txt file, either by editing it with a text editor or by using zlib to reconfigure it. Tweak until you like your results.

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    Does the script support casting of get a good whiff from the nose when on bounty hunts or for monsters that require olfacting?
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    I am trying to use a mime army infiltration glove with WHAM, and it isn’t pickpocketing whenever possible like I want it to. After going through the code, I think the issue lies with SmartStasis. I can’t be sure, though. I’ve tried commenting out every check for classes I see, and it has not made a difference.

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    It might be due to the fact that the mime glove is currently bugged, even kol native macro's don't realize the pickpocket skill is available and skip it.

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    I solved it for myself in the least elegant way possible: by adding “steal();” to the start of the main method in WHAM.

    Works like an extremely crude charm.

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    After carefully examining the code of SmartStasis, I have come up with an excellent solution for pickpocketing that does not routinely break automation. It is still a hack, but as far as everything else is concerned it is expected behavior.

    I modified the function in BatBrain that actually performs actions to intercept any submitted pickpocket action, delete it from the macro, run the ASH steal() function (which bypasses the bug in combat macros by submitting the PHP requests manually), then run the macro. As far as BatBrain, SmartStasis, and WHAM are concerned, nothing has changed: the only difference is that the first action of the macro was interpreted separately.

    Here is the rewritten function, in case anyone wants to use it themselves. Just search for “string macro(string mac)” in BatBrain.ash to find it in your copy, then replace it.

    string macro(string mac) { // basic wrapper, adds action filter to final page
    if (my_primestat() != $stat[moxie] && contains_text(mac, "pickpocket")) {
    mac = replace_first(create_matcher(" pickpocket;", mac), "");
    return mac == "" ? page : act(visit_url("fight.php?action=macro&macrotext="+ url_encode(mac),true,true));

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    I also modified my copy of SmartStasis to only pickpocket if the monster has unspaded drops. I can post that change if anyone wants me to.

    Until I made the change, it was only pickpocketing when monsters had drops that were either confirmed to be pickpocketable or were previously pickpocketed while BatBrain was installed. Now it pickpockets unless there is definitely no reason to do so: against monsters that have no pickpocketable drops, or have drops that are all guaranteed.

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    @littlereddot: A bit late (I acquired an effect that prevented me from addressing this sooner), but I can now say that with the latest BatBrain update the answer to your question is yes! The skill had heretofore not been flagged as an "attract" skill in the data file.

    @Saklad5: I believe the update probably also fixes your pickpocketing issue, a little further upstream in the enqueue() function. If you have the infiltration glove equipped and "pickpocket" gets enqueued, rather than adding it to the queue, it will call steal() directly.
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    I believe Gallapagosian Mating Call works exactly the same as Get a Good Whiff of This Guy. Could you add that as well? I already have on my own copy, but it gets overwritten with updates.

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    I already have on my own copy, but it gets overwritten with updates.
    Originally Posted by Saklad5 View Post
    If you update your copy in the svn folder, and then use "svn sync", your local changes won't get wiped out with every update. Occasionally you'll have to deal with conflicts.

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