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Thread: WTF Relay script collection

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    Weird. not sure how I missed those. They should be correctly checked in now.
    Originally Posted by ckb View Post
    Because commit does not automatically add new (unversioned) files?

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    Because commit does not automatically add new (unversioned) files?
    Originally Posted by xKiv View Post
    No, that would make more sense. I just failed to copy some of the images I created. Then I correctly committed those, and the rest were left behind and sad.

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    This has been popping up on occasion in the CLI:

    Multiple matches for "Spookyraven library key"; using "[7302]Spookyraven library key". (inventorywtf.ash, line 130) Clarify by using one of:
    "[1764]Spookyraven library key"
    "[7302]Spookyraven library key"
    Multiple matches for "Staff of Ed"; using "[7961]Staff of Ed". (inventorywtf.ash, line 130) Clarify by using one of:
    "[2325]Staff of Ed"
    "[7961]Staff of Ed"
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