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    Ihave been having problems with getting guide to work for a while.
    Right now I am getting this error.

    Bad monster value: "Clingy pirate" (relay_Guide.ash, line 11430)
    I am guessing it has something to do with the male/female version of the clingy pirate, but I don't know that for sure.

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    The script was updated a while ago, and you need to get the new version. If mafia is telling you that you have the latest version, then delete and redownload this script. That's occasionally an issue with any github hosted script using svn.

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    That worked. Thank Lost.

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    Could you possibly add result 89 to the Numberology section? It seems to be the biggest stat boost you can choose (looks like a static 89 mainstat exp) and its been my choice every day so far in CS.

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    Also possibly worth noting with the new perfect icecube summon: 18,44,75 or 99 all provide a single base booze. This could be nice to cut down on noob cave farming...

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    optimal numberology triple post:

    It'd be cool if Guide not only showed you the number that you need to enter, but also the "base" number for that summon. The latter is the one you need to use with the CLI "numberology" command.

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    What he said!! When Guide tells me it is time to use numberology, I have to remember the number or else cast the skill from my skills page which isn't as easy.

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    I wouldn't mind casting from the skill page so much, but mafia sets "_universeCalculated" before entering the number. That makes the helper disappear from Guide, by which time I've forgotten the number it told me because my memory is terrible.

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    I do the same.

    I guess it's a choice adventure so we could test for return text from it to set _universeCalculated ?

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    Mostly it was coded differently because KoL initially handled it differently, and it hasn't been updated.

    I don't know what return text you'll check for when redirected to a combat (war frat 151st).

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