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    It looks like its included as a passive damage source for a not-yet implemented wall of skin section.

    I've no idea why it needed to lose its hyphen though. What a wierd change.

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    Somebody reported that certain items are "old school" and others are "old-school", so KoL decided to make all of them wrong.

    Well, technically, they are equivalent - but if you look up "old school" on Wikipedia, it is defined as equivalent to "old-fashioned" (and "old fashioned" is listed as an alternate spelling for that word.) Both "old" and "old-school" are adjectives.

    "Look at the old school!"
    "Look at the old school desk!"
    "Look at the old-school band costume!"

    Consistency is good, but it is odd that KoL decided to go in the direction of ambiguity.
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    Thanks for the quick fix...y'all rock!

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    Two recommendations:

    Gingerbread mob hit, replica bat-oomerang, the Jokester's gun and shattering punch should all be in the same vicinity as free kills (I think this could still work with shattering punch and snokebomb being grouped together as snojo skills).

    You cannot fight bricko monsters when overdrunk, so maybe guide should remove the available free bricko fights once you are overdrunk.

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    Oh, speaking of the bricko monsters, I was thinking about those a few days ago, wondering why they were sorted alphabetically. Not that I have anything against alphabetic sorting, but it's only really useful when you need to look up specific entries in a long list and/or when you need some unbiased ordering and there is no better alternative. Here, I would think sorting them by ML/Bricks used (it's the same) would be much more natural.

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    This suggestion still appears in Gelcore, even though the leash does not give +5 Familiar Weight in this path (even if you absorb it).

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    In Avatar of Boris:

    Guide keeps suggesting the skill "Demand Sandwich (5 MP)" even when the daily cap on that skill has been reached.

    Also, suggesting getting the Puzzle Champ buff is probably pointless.

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    Found a bug.
    When you're doing the Palindome quest, after you've used "2 Love Me, Vol. 2" and acquired the wet stunt nut stew, the guide entry for the quest will say "Equip the Mega Gem then fight Dr. Awkward in his office". Clicking on the entry sends you to the outside of the Palindome.
    You actually need to visit Mr. Alarm at this point to acquire the Mega Gem first so you can equip it.

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    PHP Code:

    if ($skill[Lash of the cobra].have_skill() && mafiaIsPastRevision(15553) || true)
    This is making it so that the lashes count show up even if i don't have the skill.

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    Guide is consistently reporting one less social capital than the character has. in License to Adventure runs.

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