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    Truely one amazing relay script. I Have been using it for the past 50 ascensions and swear by it.
    Though i would like to hopefully suggest one change, Could a reminder to create the wand be placed on the top when the NS battle is up? I Get absent minded a lot when that time comes around, and forget all about it.

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    Would be great to have a boris reminder to:
    1. spend your skillpoint after levelup. I often forget to spend them for several levelups in a row
    2. do the clancy quests (shown in the optional quests portion), I keep on doing exactly what the guide said, only noticing i have an incomplete clancy quest after i finished all my actions for that day.

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    When I find a Tonic Djinn the guide tells me to use it in the resources segment, however it doesn't recognize when I do use it (or the fact I am out of them afterwards) and continue to tells me to use it until the guide is reloaded

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    The guide has some neat and useful postcore advice, such as directing you to do various optional quests. However it doesn't bring any of them up if you have defeated the sorceress and have chosen to not yet smashed the prism. it just says to smash prism and resources, nothing else.

    If you are trying to stay as an avatar for some reason (various trophies, such as reach level 30 with avatar, or eat a lot of certain foods) you can't smash the prism and thus you lose access to the guide by choosing to not immediately smash the prism.

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