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Thread: "eat" command should work with hot dogs

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    I'd like to Bump this request, "eat 1 basic hot dog" works from the CLI, but eat(1, $item[basic hot dog]) says no item match. Which means I can't capture the output for success or failure...

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    It is not acceptable to "bump" a request that was implemented 4 years ago and did (and does) exactly what was requested and ask for something different.

    To wit, the request was for the "eat" command to work with hot dogs. It now does.
    The request was NOT to make $item accept hot dogs - which are not items.

    There is another request being ignored somewhere to come up with a scheme for pseudo-items - hot dogs, sushi, cafe eat-upon-purchase foods, and so on. Feel free to find and bump that, but it's not gonna happen here.
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