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Thread: Scripts on SVN

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    Next time you offer a script for the Script Manager, please don't put "svn checkout" in the "repo" field. Each time you've done that I had to figure out why mafia wasn't accepting the json.
    Originally Posted by Bale View Post
    Understood, Noted, and Will do!

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    Rollover Management Script.

      "repo": "", 
      "author": "PazSox, bumcheekcity, hippoking & Th3y", 
      "name": "Rollover Management", 
      "forumThread": "", 
      "shortDesc": "Maximizes Rollover turns, Checks (and finishes almost) ALL daily deeds before rollover", 
      "category": "buff upkeep/information", 
      "longDesc": "Maximizes player for maximum turns with gear on hand.  Checks ALL daily deeds, Does all daily deeds that don't require user input.  Checks your Source Terminal for usage, and informs you if you're missing any upgrades.  Runs SNOJO Adventures if any are available, Runs 5 (free) adventures in the mines (if Unattended Minor skill is found), Checks Spacegate to see if any turns are remaining (or if it was even opened).  Grabs Cop dollars (if available), and Time Spinner items (if available)  Works in STANDARD, HARDCORE, and NON-STANDARD ascensions, and in AFTERCORE TOO!  Script will only spend a minimal amount of meat, just to buy a 'bag of park garbage', if none are in inventory, and charter is available.  And MUCH MUCH more!  It's easily customizable too!"
    This time w/out the svn checkout too!
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    It's Prefref Plus!

      "repo": "",
      "author": "Zarqon",
      "name": "Prefref Plus",
      "forumThread": "",
      "shortDesc": "Manager for all your ZLib script settings and mafia preferences.",
      "category": "informational",
      "longDesc": "Your one-stop settings and preferences manager.  Conveniently search, configure, delete, revert to default, and understand your ZLib script settings and KoLmafia properties."
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