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Thread: Script Registry -- for script authors; track your script usage

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    It's kinda nice that Manuel will keep us from ever again lacking monster data. On the other hand, it seems kinda contrary to the spirit of KoL for the game to just give that information away instantly. Ah well, I guess the intense monster spaders of yesteryear no longer exist and spading just isn't a large part of KoL anymore so we might as well get in-game stats.
    Originally Posted by Bale View Post
    Spading wasn't too hard anyway, other than in areas such as Dis where you couldn't use the dwarf war outfit. Item drop rate spading is still needed, and spading is still needed for scaling monsters, who often have a floor, a cap, and handle ML and Radio (etc) ML differently, as well as calculating HP in different ways.

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    Spading wasn't too hard anyway, other than in areas such as Dis where you couldn't use the dwarf war outfit.
    Originally Posted by Darzil View Post
    Despite that, we went an entire challenge season without ever getting good stats for any invading bugbears. That's all I have to say.
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    Remember me? Registry.ash has stopped doing anything useful and just generates snarky comments in response to query strings. I wonder if that is because a server is now only accepting https?

    You just vehemently agreed with me
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post
    I agree with frono.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post

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    Ugh. Yep, that's probably it. I really wonder where the POST data is getting stripped. The really confusing thing is that the visit_url() commands that fail actually don't fail when they're called in the CLI using the "ash" command. Identical ASH commands, different results.

    Anyway, I've uploaded a version with the 's' to the first post, which should fix it until/if we ever figure out why this is happening. Your comment has also brought to light an instance where I'm still using the thread-checking version check.

    Also haha, those snarky comments were supposed to be hacker rewards, not default behavior.
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